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Meet the 2021 Great Big Move winners: Are you next?

The Great Big Move is back, so it’s time to get moving from November 1-15 to win a trip to the Yukon, courtesy of Travel Yukon. Download or open the free ParticipACTION app today to join the challenge and move your way across Canada virtually to uncover great prizes!

Last year Bev Tamlin, Sarah Yackobeck and Holly Mahaffy teamed up and completed the Great Big Move together, winning themselves the trip of a lifetime to the Yukon. We sat down with Bev and Sarah to hear their advice on how to get the most out of the challenge and to find out what exciting activities they have planned for their upcoming five-day trip to the Yukon in February. Read on for some inspiration, because in this year’s challenge, three lucky individuals will each win a trip to the Yukon for them and one other person — this could be you!

How did you get active and log minutes during last year’s Great Big Move?

Bev: “I started running last fall for the first time. I logged a lot of my minutes while completing a 5k running program and even ran my first 5k during the challenge. This was a big accomplishment for me! I also did at-home workouts, rode my bike often and aimed for 10,000 steps a day. My two young boys kept me very active, too.”

Sarah: “I ran, hiked and cycled during the challenge.”

Bev Tamlin holding up a medal that says “Barrie Triathlon” on it.How do you support and motivate each other to get active?

Sarah: “We get active together weekly. Bev and I cycle and run together. We also have a group chat to connect on where we’re at with our movement during the week.”

What advice do you have for people to be successful in the Great Big Move?

Bev: “Get out there and get moving! Find something you like or challenge yourself to try something new!”

Sarah Beggs standing beside her friend on a sports fieldWhat are you most looking forward to seeing and doing in the Yukon during your upcoming trip?

Sarah: “We’re most excited to see the wildlife and northern lights and to get out and active in a totally different climate from Ontario’s! What an amazing opportunity!”

What activities and excursions do you have planned?

Bev: “Dogsledding, fat biking, ice climbing, northern lights and helicopter tours, as well as exploring Whitehorse.”

3 people dogsledding into sunsetWhat are you most excited for in the Yukon: adventure activities or leisure activities? Have you found that there’s something for everyone in your group?

Sarah: “I’m excited for both! As a mom of three, I’m really looking forward to some downtime with my girlfriends!”

Bev: “I think there will be something for everyone! We’re looking forward to the time together as well!”

couple riding bikes in mountainsThe trip will be here before you know it! What kinds of things are you doing to prepare for the trip (if any)?

Sarah: “We’re still pinching ourselves that this trip is real, so we’re mostly just trying to wrap our heads around that!”

Bev: “Reading Travel Yukon guidebooks and staying active.”

What do you like most about the ParticipACTION app?

Sarah: “It’s a user-friendly tool that gets you motivated and moving! We started using it for the monthly gift card draws, and here we are! The challenges are easy to join, easy to use and have great rewards!”

Do you want to win a trip of a lifetime to the Yukon like Bev, Sarah and Holly did? Then download or open the free ParticipACTION app and join the Great Big Move today!

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