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Five foolproof hacks to get more steps

Looking to see your step count soar? Your activity levels skyrocket? With the right mindset and a few simple lifestyle switches, you’re sure to get more steps while building your endurance, strength, and overall wellbeing!

Record and reward every effort

We all love seeing our step totals tally! As you work towards boosting your physical activity levels, it’s important that all movement, not just walking or running, is accounted for. The ParticipACTION app has new enhanced features to help you track it all – from handcycling to summer sports to physical pursuits at work! Each minute of movement equals 100 steps, which can add up quickly!

A,Man,On,Wheelchair,And,His,Wife,Enjoying,In,TheHarness the power of others!

There’s strength in numbers when we want to add more activity to our days. Make a pact with family and friends to get moving together – commit to a midday or nightly stroll. Send texts to keep one another on track. Get active with the little ones in your life – help with a learn-to-bike lesson, or game of catch at the park. Getting active with others satisfies our social sides and increases the likelihood that our step counts will climb. You don’t have to stop with people; pets can motivate too. Give in to the dog’s plea for that extra lap around the block.

In a rut? Step it up

It’s common to feel our motivation plummet when our routine is on repeat for too long. If your daily walk is more of a mindless meander, try adding short intervals of intensity. Seek out a new route for your adventure. Head to a local nature trail you’ve been meaning to try or a neighbourhood with a range of inclines. You’ll clock more steps, build your strength and endurance, and discover new places – all while enjoying the mood-boosting pick-me-up that comes from elevating your heart rate.

Asian,Cleaning,Service,Woman,Worker,Cleaning,In,Living,Room,At Inconvenience or…opportunity?

It’s all about attitude when we want to boost our step count. Instead of getting frustrated that there are no parking spots near the store door, see it as an opportunity to get a couple hundred extra steps when you leave your car further away from the entrance. Rather than standing still on the elevator, seize the chance to get active by climbing the stairs or using the ramp. Not in the mood to vacuum the floors or trim the hedges? Find that get-up-and-go by reminding yourself that as you’re ticking off your to-do list, you’re adding on valuable steps!

A,Business,Woman,Exchanges,High,Heels,For,Comfortable,Shoes,InMove for your mental wellbeing

Modern life can be riddled with stressors. Whether it’s an IT issue at the office or a relationship conundrum, when you feel your patience waning, respond with activity! Many of us find clarity, calm and an improved mood when we move our bodies and change the scenery. Add this active approach to your stress management strategy to benefit your body, mind, and step count!

Step It Up to Spring – April 1-15, 2022!

Now that spring has sprung, why not embrace its long-awaited arrival and milder weather by getting outside and walking, running or wheeling? These simple ways to get active will boost your mood to add a spring in your step!

To help you reap this benefit and more, join our latest challenge, Step It Up to Spring, from April 1-15 by tracking your steps in the free ParticipACTION app individually or as a team for a chance to win great prizes!

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