Add some ‘bite’ to your routine with fitness snacks

There are a few reasons that a snack can be more appealing than a full sit-down meal – it’s small, satisfying, it boosts energy and can be enjoyed while you’re on the go.

 Those preferable perks also apply to small servings of movement. Fitness ‘snacks’ are brief bursts of physical activity – as short as just a couple of minutes – that can add up to deliver many of the same disease-fighting, strength-building and mental health benefits as longer, more structured sessions. Here are a few simple ways to graze on fitness ‘snacks’ throughout your day with minimal interruption to your schedule.

Senior biking in a hiking trail

Tackle your to-dos car-free

If you have an errand to do, walk, pedal or wheel to get where you need to go. Using active transportation as a fitness ‘snack’ serves double duty, getting your shopping and appointments done while helping to achieve your movement goals!

Get creative around the house

Maybe you need to fetch your phone from across the room. Do walking lunges on your way to retrieve it. Taking laundry up or down the stairs? Climb the steps a little faster than usual. Or when vacuuming or trimming the hedge, add more vigour to each movement and you’ll also get the job done quicker!

Take a dance break!

Turn up the tunes and cut a rug! Getting your heart rate up through dance is an especially satisfying fitness ‘snack.’ 

Your phone has a key ingredient for satisfying fitness ‘snacks’

Set your timer for a short spurt and do some energizing, no-equipment-required exercises like jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups or planks.

Fitness ‘snacks,’ especially if they’re of the moderate-to-vigorous variety, can help you to achieve the expert-recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity adults need and won’t take more than a nibble out of your day.

Woman in yoga suit doing lunges in a living room