7 active summer habits worth maintaining through fall

Hang on to the best (active) parts of summer

guy garderingHere it is, folks, the way-too-early post about summer coming to an end that always seem to signify an unofficial closing to our favourite time of the year.

Although, the end of summer really doesn’t have to be a bummer (see what we did there?). And while you can’t stop the seasons from changing, you can move into fall with the same healthy, active choices that came a bit more naturally in the spring and summer.

In the summer months, we tend to automatically feel more upbeat, well, because it’s summer! If you’ve been active over the last few months, don’t let your efforts “fall” by the wayside just because the leaves are starting to change, and the nights are getting colder. One of the best ways to maintain your health is by engaging in physical activity, any day of the year.

Here are seven great summer habits worth keeping up through fall:

1. Maintaining a summer mindset. In summer, we instinctively spend more time outside, to take advantage of the good weather. Continue this mentality by making outdoor activities your default choice, even after Labour Day.

2. Getting active in the morning. Did you get into a pattern of jogging or walking your dog early in the day to beat the heat? This is a great strategy for any time of year. You’re making your active time a priority, and you get to feel great about it for the rest of the day. Just be sure to wear reflective gear and stay safe on sidewalks and trails near roads.

3. Working in the yard or garden. Whether it’s grooming the lawn, nurturing flowers or growing vegetables, spending time puttering around the yard is a popular summer pastime. Don’t forget that fall tasks like raking leaves and planting bulbs are also great opportunities for some activity and fresh air.

4. Drinking lots of water. During the summer months, you were likely extra diligent about carrying a water bottle everywhere and keeping yourself hydrated. It’s a smart daily practice for your overall health, so don’t let that habit dry up.

5. Connecting with nature. Hopefully your summer included some nature or wilderness adventures at a campground, lake, beach, forest, cottage or national park. Even if you can’t venture as far off the beaten path this autumn, try exploring some nearby green spaces or visiting a local pumpkin farm, apple orchard or corn maze.

6. Tiring yourself out. Busy summer days filled with sunshine, fresh air and activity often lead to sleeping soundly at night. Look for ways to incorporate short sessions of physical activity throughout your day so you are physically fatigued by bedtime.

7. Getting natural light. Sunny days and long evenings are definite perks of the summer months. As the days get shorter, make a concerted effort to get outside during the day to help regulate your inner body clock.