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5 reasons why active breaks are good for business

Beautiful,Woman,Going,To,Work,With,Coffee,Walking,Near,OfficeEver worry that taking a break on the job will make you look lazy or unproductive?

You shouldn’t, because the exact opposite is true — especially if that break involves some kind of heart-pumping physical activity like a brisk walk.

In fact, workplaces that value health and wellness not only allow their staff members to take active breaks during work hours — they encourage it. Physical activity:

  • Improves mood – Happy workers are more understanding, resilient and motivated.
  • Positively affects cognition – A worker who has an active break during the workday will experience better retention and recall of information and be able to Learn Better and Create Better.
  • Reduces cortisol – You’ll see a drop in the body’s stress hormone.
  • Improves circulation – It even strengthens the heart.
  • Supports the immune system – This means (you guessed it) fewer sick days.
  • Boosts energy – The result?  Increased productivity.

Man,Walking,With,Dog,Labrador,In,The,Park.To support workers in their quest to be active, employers, directors and managers can make physical activity more accessible. How? By providing open space and equipment, subsidizing memberships at nearby gyms, offering free fitness classes before, during or after work, or even something as simple as encouraging workers to take active breaks.

Remember: Taking the time to move more at work is a wise choice. Any good boss will thank you.

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